Free Listing

  • 1. Getting started requires you to sign up as a business first. Once you have signed up you can proceed thorough either of the scenarios as described below. .
  • 2. Check if your business profile already exists. In case it does, click on the “View More” button to view full details. Once on the full view page click on “Claim Listing” and follow the validation process to Claim your listing. Once you complete this process you will have full access to Add, Edit, Update all information pertaining to your business and its locations.
  • 3. If your business profile does not exist, click on the “Free Listing “ link to create your new business profile. You will need to proceed with creating your brand identity first and then adding your business locations / outlets.
  • 4. Business listings are free and you can manage your business profile information as seen by consumers on this website as many times as you wish to. There is also no limit on the number of locations you can add or manage. The login link will be available in the “My Profile” section in the header bar of the website for when you wish to log in.
  • 5. Your business profile page access will always be “Free”. Do keep your brand and network information always updated to help more customers discover and connect with you. We’ve also got some exciting business tools which help you manage your business smarter and more efficiently.
  • 6. Thanks for getting on deck!!