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TrekDi organizes Sahyadri Treks, Himalayan Treks, Nature Introduction (Jungle) camps & Safaris, Short Nature trails, Corporate outdoor events & outbound training, Management training programmes, Serious Adventure sports like rock climbing, rafting, paragliding and para-motoring. It is said that fear must be removed at young age only and so we have special Kids camps for adventure education which helps a lot in personality development. For spreading adventure and ecological awareness in children we also conduct School Environmental trips. For these activities we are never stuck by physical boundries. We conduct all these events in various parts of India and even abroad. All these activities are run by Trekkers, Nature experts and adventurers who have travelled far and wide in the mountains of Sahyadris and the Himalayas and many forests, for over many years. Treks organized by us are unique in a way because you get the the real trekking experience right from cooking your own food to camping out in tents in springs. TrekDi promises to take you to new and unexplored places, whether it’s some obscure fort hidden in the thick jungles of the Sahyadri, or to the remote depths of the north-east India. So buckle up, strap on your hats, and get ready for adventure in India! We make sure that even a single day trek with us becomes a lifetime experience for our participants. The thrill of adventure proximity to nature & discussions on history on our treks & outings promise to take you into a different world in itself. We constantly provide our participants with off beaten paths. TrekDi has been very innovative in designing its programmes. We always standout for the quality of the service we provide. TrekDi is a venture of Tekdi Eco Services Pvt. Ltd. From the Day 1, we have involved into serious adventure and eco tourism. These activities are not just part-time for us but that is our full fledge career. TrekDi team consists of experts with vast experience in adventure tourism and conducting management programs. Team members are professionally trained in mountaineering skills. We have nature experts who lead the nature trail & jungle walks. Their immense knowledge of nature makes camps, walks entertaining, informative & educative. Every adventure sport organized by TrekDi is coordinated by those who are best at it.

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