Why Us

A little insight, on our journey so far..

For most of you, we are a new platform. Well that’s true. Over the course of 2016, we met with up with hundreds of experts, professionals and businesses in the Wellness ecosystem in Pune. We also did a beta launch for around 6 months in Pune, connecting with consumers and understanding their behavior. The wealth of information gathered through meeting up with people like you, as well as understanding consumer behavior, led us to going back to the drawing board and coming up with the Pepdeck you see today. Our purpose is singular, which is to partner with you and work together towards creating value for your business as well as your consumers. If we don’t help you, or add any value, we have no business being here or doing what we do.

Our learnings lead us to defining and solving your problems. Things like Website costs, Domain expiry, Design issues, Costs related to creating and sustaining a digital footprint, Commissions on Offers and Promotions, Payment and trust issues with offer related vendors, Appointment bookings, Installation costs, Technical complexities, Getting business leads, Advertising, Branding across your Franchisee network, to name a few, aside of growing your business and customer loyalty. While those who had and have the budgets and teams could create and spend, the other end of the spectrum one could see a huge gap as ticket sizes are not that high and creating and maintaining a online presence is an expensive affair. Aside of the cost factor, which lets say can be managed, the real deal for professionals has been making time to understand and execute.

Well the good news is that, we have solved all of the above problems for you. What we have essentially built takes away all the pain. Pepdeck is your go to platform. The business manager console will allow you to do everything from creating your profile, to creating and uploading your offers and much more. Yes, you manage everything yourself with simple clicks. You don’t need any technical expertise and even if you don’t have a large team your resource at the reception can manage all this for you. You just need an internet connection and you need to sign up. Whatever you publish or create at the backend is immediately reflected on the consumer website.

Your business profile is always free. So your business is always searchable. The balance utilities and tools are priced such that they are lower than one customer’s bill across your entire network. Sign- up and get started on your own platform and together lets manage our businesses better and smarter. We look forward to a mutually engaging and rewarding partnership. For more information or to receive a call back give us a missed call on 8080590599 and we’ll be more than happy to connect.

If you are a Wellness Business or professional give us a missed call on 8080590599 to receive a call back.

How to get started

  • Search for your business profile page. If your page already exists, click on “Claim Listing” and follow the validation process to claim your business profile and get access rights to update and edit it from the “Business Manager”console.

    In case your business profile does not exist, you can click on the “Create Free Listing” and follow the process to get your business profile listed.
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  • Once you complete the process through either of the cases above you will have access rights to the “Business Manager”console. We request you to validate and update the existing information on this page and to rectify errors if any.
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  • You can use your login credentials to add more locations, or to keep your business information updated.
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  • If you wish to explore additional business tools and utilities through the “Business Manager”console take a look at our paid and subscription plans to give your business the boost.

If you are a Wellness Business or professional give us a missed call on 8080590599 to receive a call back.

How You benefit


Customer Wise

  • Online discoverability and research plays and important role in consumer decision making today. They must find you online.
  • Consumers hardly view page 3 or page 4 in a generic search. Where is your business featuring?
  • Your Profile page enhances your discoverability to an audience with intent to consume.
  • Online appointments keep your business accessible to consumer interaction 24X7. Convenience matters.
  • Offers and promotions create excitement and drive positive behavior which can be converted to loyalty.

Technology Wise

  • No Installation or any installation costs ever.
  • Just needs an internet connection.
  • Simple easy to use interface
  • Powerful business tools
  • Always up, no downtime
  • Full Email & SMS Communication included.
  • SEO optimized for better discovery and page ranking.

Costs Wise

  • Costs less thatn one customers bill acorss your network.
  • Save on website maintaince costs
  • Zero comissions on offers
  • No Installaton costs
  • Free SMS & Email communication
  • Unlimited data, transactions, appointments, offers, locations.

If you are a Wellness Business or professional give us a missed call on 8080590599 to receive a call back.

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